Men, We Need More Warriors, Not Just Accountability Partners

“We don’t need accountability groups; we need fellow warriors, someone to fight alongside, someone to watch our back.”
― John EldredgeWild at Heart Revised and Updated: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul


Now I’m not a veteran or even a military type man, but I know what it feels like to be a warrior…to choose to stand up for the least of these and stand between the enemy and the things/people I love and hold dear.  When I am in trouble, when I am off track, when I am in a foxhole, I don’t want a man facing me telling me what I should do.  I want a Warrior who will fight with me back to back. This type of Warrior is not manufactured by hours of Chuck Norris films or the latest Super Hero flick to hit the screens.  The type of Warrior I am speaking of is a product of deep connection and partnership with God Himself and the sacred plans he has for his life.

So how do we get there?

Knowing who we are as well as whose we are, this is the starting point of becoming a Warrior of God.

Do you know your why?  Are you abiding in the Lord and following the promptings of the spirit?  Do you have a clear vision of how God sees you as a man, as His son, as a Mighty Warrior of God!  That’s right, you heard me.  This is how He sees us.  He sees us as we can be, right where we are.  Even when we want to refute and deny His words…Mighty Warrior of God.  What is the story that you continue to tell yourself about who you are as a father, son, husband, brother, grandfather, friend…I believe our stories hold us back, cut us away from community and eventually if untended, kill us off completely from those we say we love the most.

Gideon’s story is really our story.  Go to Judges 6:11 through Judges 8:35. We will unpack this a little more later but in a nutshell, his story is what we as men struggle through everyday.  It might be big decisions, small decisions, work related, relationship issues, it really doesn’t matter. The problem is that the more we listen and believe the story we continue to tell ourselves the farther we seemingly get from accomplishing anything remotely close to significant.  We can learn something from Gideon’s story, a framework and path for men to follow. Here is what Gideon did:

  •      Lived in fear, hiding in a wine press from his enemies and doubted himself    (Even after God greeted him as Mighty Warrior of God…Mighty Man of Valor)
  •         Asked for multiple signs of confirmation and assurance of his mission
  •         Finally embraced his calling with boldness and confidence
  •         Grew in partnership with God giving Him the glory for his successes
  •         Received blessings from his obedience

The blog and podcast centers around this storyline.  I can trace most of my decisions and subsequent results back to these 5 steps and whether I followed them or veared off and decided I had the answers…usually not with good results.  As men we sometimes live in doubt, fear, chaos and confusion.  Occasionally we get stuck and don’t know where to turn and how to step up and step out into God’s plan.  The purpose of this blog and podcast is to:

Empower and Encourage Men to Live Bold, Epic Lives of Significance

We can’t do this if we hide.  We can’t live these lives of significance void of God’s plan and purpose for us.  We also can’t do this alone.  Men we need other Warriors around us in community not struggling in isolation.  Trust and obey and be blessed.

There are really 3 big areas that we will focus on and drill deeper for greater understanding, application and growth.  This is what we are calling Gideon’s Path:

  • The Call (Hearing God’s story and purpose for your life)
  • The Trust (Knowing His protection and desire for a prosperous life)
  • The Do  (Igniting obedience and action moving towards blessings)

MWOG wants all men to get to “The Do” phase as quickly as possible but also to stay in “The Do” phase doing life with other men who are Mighty Warriors of God which is why our mantra is Be Mighty, Stay Mighty! Be living in God’s plan and Stay living in God’s plan…we can help you get there.

More to come…

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