What’s an MWOG?

Mighty Warriors of God, Encourages and Empowers men to lead bold, epic lives of significance. To do that, we need to be Warriors. Don’t see yourself as a Warrior? God sees you as that and more! We are challenged to lead impactful lives at home, at work and in our community, but sometimes it’s just plain hard to do what we should and be who we are meant to be…that’s assuming we even know those answers.

Discovering who you are is hard, living it out even harder.cropped-116.jpg

What does God say about us and what plans does He have for us? His story for us is the higher standard we should strive for.  This isn’t about self help and “looking inside ourselves” for the answers.  This is probably why we are struggling so much in the first place.  Mighty Warriors of God is not about isolation, it’s about community and a brotherhood of Warriors.  We can’t do it alone.  We need other Warriors beside us to fight for us, our children and our wives.  We need other Warriors to stand in front of us to keep us from falling in the pit…other brothers to stand between the enemy and the other men they care about.

The founding of MWOG was inspired by the Old Testament story of Gideon.  In Judges 6 we see the story unfold of a man hiding from his enemies, fearful they will steal from him when an Angel of the Lord appears and greets Gideon as a “Mighty Warrior of God”. This one statement completely shifted the spirit, confidence and faith of a man that would eventually lead his people to one of the most lopsided victories in the bible.  This one statement tells us (3) important things:

  1. “Mighty”…What we are
  2. “Warriors”…Who we are
  3. “of God”…Whose we are

Gideon’s story is what our story can be. Hearing God’s call for our lives, overcoming doubt and fear, trusting God will lead, provide and protect, and finally obeying completely as we follow the plan to many blessings.
This process is played out many times in a man’s life yet we stumble and disrupt the process for many reasons.

Sometimes we don’t hear the call.  

Sometimes we hear it but don’t believe it, we just can’t trust.

Lots of time we don’t execute the plan, we don’t obey and blame busyness, we blame spouses, we blame work or any number of worldly distractions.

The fact is the Gideon Plan is really straightforward and simple to follow…..problem is it’s hard to do and even harder to do alone.  MWOG will be unpacking the process of the Gideon Plan in 3 simple steps:

  1. Hearing the Call
  2. Building the Trust
  3. Igniting the Obedience
Within this process we will also uncover and discuss the:
6 Pillars of a Mighty Warrior

and how these pillars play out inside the 3 domains of our lives: the Home, the Workplace and the Community.

There you have it. This is why MWOG exists.   As I move on my own journey to be the man God wants me to be I continuously process decisions based on this plan, with these pillars within the 3 areas of my life.  Sometimes I am outside of the plan, sometimes I need work on one of my pillars and lots of times that means that one of my domains needs work. That’s where the accountability Warriors come in.  By developing a tribe of fellow Warriors willing to speak truth and to accept truth when talking about being a godly man, many men can become empowered and encouraged to continue to work on their best selves and to press on to stay their best selves, to be that Mighty Warrior of God that God himself sees every day.

This is why we say Be Mighty, Stay Mighty...because we want to get there but we want to stay there too.


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