“I Think I Hear Something”

Part of being a Mighty Warrior of God is the ability to “hear” God’s voice and to distinguish His call among life’s distractions. I used quotes for the word hear because His voice is not typically heard with our ears.  It took me a long time to discover how God speaks to me and how I know it is His voice.  This is a critical step in the Gideon process as we men need to sift through the secular clutter and chaos and know what the shepherd’s voice sounds like. Is His voice in the wind, in the silence, in peace of nature…where are you?

Sheep know their shepherd’s voice from all others…from ALL OTHERS.

Image result for shepherd calling sheep

How incredible is it that we can distinguish God’s voice from all the other worldly noise that bombards us on a daily basis.

As incredible as this is, it can also be frustrating if we are not listening and placing ourselves in a position to hear.  If you are waiting for a Hollywood version of God speaking to you (ie. large billboard with instructions for you, Morgan Freeman tapping you on the shoulder or George Burns sitting next to you in your car smoking a cigar…that’s for the over 50 crowd) then you may be waiting awhile.  So how does The Shepherd speak to us?

  1. God speaks through His word. He speaks loudly, softly and in all decibels in between.  By our abiding in Him and drinking of His word, He will speak to us.
  2. Praying without ceasing…okay, this is tough.  Personally I struggle with this but have received some of the most important guidance during these times.  Daily conversations and continuously walking (think actual walking next to Christ) is how I try to connect.
  3. Through others-God speaks very strongly through my wife, through her words and through her actions.  Being in tune with those around you can help “hear” God speaking to you.

We can continue to sit in our winepress/mancave/cubicle/you fill in the blank, or we can shelve our story and work to hear His voice and His call for our lives.  Crucial step for a changed life…so worth it.  If you are struggling to hear God’s call for your life, connect with us at http://www.mightywarriorsofgod.com .  We are building a community of men that can support you and encourage you to transform your life to be the Warrior you are meant to be.

Be Mighty, Stay Mighty!

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